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Mandatory requirements and Terms of Use

Please keep the following Information available before you start:

  • Your current and valid Passport.
  • Relevant supporting documents based on the Visa Category.
  • Email address.
  • Mobile phone or alternate landline telephone number

Please ensure to read the checklists corresponding to your required application category before filling the Online Application form. All the supporting documents/letters should be addressed to the Embassy of India, Paris. Please note that incomplete files will not be accepted.

You must read the Terms & Conditions which apply to your application and any services we provide and you must agree to the same to proceed further to complete your application form online. Please make sure that you have read these and all the relevant notes and confirm the same by ticking the appropriate checkbox to proceed.

Once you click on "I Agree" and submit your application, you will be taken to have agreed with us that we may immediately commence processing your application and providing any services,

"I have read and understood the Terms & Conditions, Data Protection Notice. I confirm my agreement to them. I would now like to continue with my online application."