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Track Your Application

  • To track your Visa application please click here
  • To track your Passport, OCI*, & Consular Services application, please click here (Reference number starts with ACN….)
  • To track your Courier please click here and use your VFS receipt reference number as the reference to track (reference number starts with JUNL or NLDTV)

Passport applications: If the tracking status says “Passport ready in Embassy of India, The Hague”, you should drop your old passport and payment receipt in the office where you applied. Note that it would take a minimum of 2 – 5 working days after dropping your old passport for the new one to be collected. If old passport is submitted during submission of application, you may come to collect your passport after the status is “Processed application is ready for collection at Application Centre”.

OCI applications:

  • To track your OCI application, please click here and follow the steps as indicated below:

Step 1

In the column “OCI Enquiry” click on “Status Enquiry” and indicate the following information:

  • Your Passport Number
  • Your online registration number (mentioned on your application form and sent to you by email when applying online)
  • N.B. in case you don’t know or have lost your file number please click on “Forgot Registration Number” in green.

Step 2*

Once the status shows as “Documents Received in The Hague” you may start to do the tracking through the VFS website by clicking here.

Once you see the status in VFS Website as “Processed application is ready for collection”, you can come to collect the OCI at the respective VFS application centre.

In case the status is marked as Under Process it means that you application has been processed at the Embassy of India, The Hague and that the process is ongoing in New Delhi.

OCI in Lieu of PIO: In case you have applied for OCI in Lieu of PIO, you would be required to surrender your PIO card at the time of collecting the OCI card.

OCI: Please note that there is no longer a sticker apposed in your passport for OCI cases – only the OCI booklet is issued so you would not be required to provide your passport to collect the OCI card.

Driving License Authentication:
Applicants wishing to collect their Indian driving license may visit our office in The Hague in person between 09:00 to 14:00, after 6 months submitting the Indian driving license at RDW.
At this time you should submit a copy of your Indian driving license, copy of the authentication document or any document mentioning your Indian driving license details. You would then be able to collect your original license 2-5 working days later from our office in The Hague / by our Courier Service.

Important information for applicants who have submitted an application before 15 May 2016

Applicants who have submitted an application before 15 May 2016 should proceed as follows:

  • OCI: Applicants who have applied prior to 15 May 2016 should complete the tracking on the NIC website following the steps mentioned above. When the status is “Received in The Hague” applicants may collect their OCI cards directly at the Embassy between 3pm and 5pm, Monday to Friday except Embassy holidays.