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    25 March 2020

    • Important Notice: Owing to the COVID -19 development and directives by the Government of South Africa, our Visa Application Centres will remain closed from the 26 March 2020 until 16 April 2020. Please be advised that our call centre and Email support will also not be available during this period. For further updates we request customers to visits our website
    •  All passports which are ready for collection and not collected by Thursday 26 March 2020 will be retained at the VFS office for the duration of the lockdown period.  Kindly note that NO collections will be considered during the lockdown period. The earliest date for collection thereafter will be 17 April 2020 (provided that no further lockdown is announced)
    • Applicants that submitted at the Cape Town VFS may collect their passports /PCC from the Cape Town Consulate
    • Applicants that submitted at Johannesburg and Durban VFS – the passports will remain at VFS offices and these will only be available to collect by the 17 April 2020 provides that no further lockdown is announced
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    02 February 2018

    Subject: Bringing “Thuraya” Satellite phones by foreigners into India

    1.Attention is invited to the existing guidelines of Department of Telecommunication (DOT), Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India whereby use of the kind of satellite phone in India is permissible only after obtaining a license from the DOT. Presently, use of specific types INMARSAT terminal only permitted by the ODT, while use of Thuraya satellite phone in India without specific permission of DOT is illegal. Thus, unauthorized use of a satellite phones in India attracts penal provisions under Section 20 and 21 of the Telegraph Act, 1885 for violation of provisions of Section 4 of the Said Act.

    2. It is therefore, decided that arriving passengers importing satellite telephones as baggage shall be required to declare the same to the Customs on arrival. Any such satellite phone declared to the Customs shall be allowed clearance subject to production of permission for use from DOT, Government of India. Satellite phones imported for use in India without a valid permission of DOT will be detained and appropriate action in accordance with law initiated.

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    08 September 2016

    Prohibition on Carrying of Satellite Phones Into India by Foreigners

    Foreigners who are visiting India are advised that as per the existing guidelines of Government of India, carrying of satellite phones by foreigners into India is BANNED.

    Foreigners travelling to India are requested to adhere to the above guidelines strictly so as to avoid any inconvenience/legal action during their visit.

    Lesotho nationals must apply for India Visa at the Embassy of India at Pretoria