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Non-Acquisition of Indian Nationality Certificate (NAC)


A Non Acquisition Certificate is a confirmation that the applicant has not acquired Indian nationality, issued by a specific office of the competent authority, in which the application has been submitted.


The fee in the table is inclusive of the £2 Consular Surcharge.

S No. Service Rendered Fee in GBP Service Charge in GBP Total In GBP
1 Non Acquisition Certificate   17.00 7.44 24.44

Charges for an affidavit are extra (£19.00 per affidavit)

Payment Instructions:

  • At the application centre by Debit Card
  • At the application centre in Cash

Other Payment modes

Fees can be paid by Banker’s Draft /Postal Order, in favour of ‘’VF Services UK Ltd’’

Please Note: All fees once tendered are non–refundable.

Documents Required

  1. Miscellaneous services form to be filled by both the parents individually with their recent passport size photograph of each parent. Please click here
  2. Application form for Non-Acquisition of Nationality Certificate with full particulars of Child, Father and Mother duly filled in. Please click here
  3. Original Birth Registration Certificate issued from UK Registrar Office & photocopy
  4. Valid original passports of both parents & photocopies of the first (Bio Page) and last page (address page) of all passports.
    1. At least one parent’s passport must be valid to apply for NAC.
    2. If one parent’s passport is valid and another parent’s passport is not valid but copy of expired passport must be submitted.
    3. If any one parent or both parents does/do not has/have physical passport/s for verification but has/have only copy/copies of passport/s  affidavit to be submitted  for passport with the Home Office or Lost (fees £17.00+£2.00). Please click here for affidavit
    4. If both parents passport lost/not traceable, no service will be provided.
    5. In case of Single parent/divorce/court case for custody of child or desertion of one parent – Please click here for affidavit /declaration format @£17.00+£2.00.
  5. Original Marriage Certificate and photocopy
    1. In case no marriage Certificate available or child born out of wedlock – Please click here for affidavit /declaration format @£17.00+£2.00.
  6. Original Address proof & photocopies (any Utility bill (Council Tax/Electricity/Water/Gas Bill/Driving license).

Delivery of processed documents

Documents once approved & ready will be delivered by Post/Courier. A secured courier service is available at the VFS application centres.