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Please follow the below steps to apply for a Japan Visa in Australia:

Step 1 :

Obtain required information:

Step 2 :

Take a photograph

  • Visit the website for the required photograph specifications
  • Photograph facility is available at the Japan Visa Application Centre at a nominal additional charge

Step 3 :

Complete the Application Form, Checklist.

  • Download the application form
  • Each applicant must submit a completed Checklist

Step 4 :

Prepare supporting documents

Step 5 :

Submit your Application At JVAC

In principle, you should apply in person. However, if you meet one of the following criteria, you can ask an agent, family member, or messenger to apply on your behalf.

  • Those who are under 16 and above 60 years of age
  • Those who are physically disabled
  • Those who are traveling for business purposes
  • Those who have applied Visa and travelled to Japan within the last 5 years (Must present previous Visa attached in passport at the time of submission)
  • Those who are traveling as a part of group tour which is organized by one of the travel agencies registered with the Consulate.

Documents :

  • Passport (with more than 2 blank pages and with re-entry permit to Japan. Please present your old passports, if any)
  • Completed Application Form per applicant
  • One photograph taken within the last 6 months (The photo must be 4.5cm x 4.5cm, black and white or color with plain background)
  • Supporting documents
  • Visa Fee and Service Charge in cash or by Credit / Debit (Visa or Master Card) issued in Australia
  • Visa will not be granted if counterfeit or forged documents are submitted. However, the provision of satisfactory documents does not guarantee the issuance of a visa.
  • The Japan Consulate in Melbourne will keep all documents submitted to us. If certain original documents need to be returned, please inform the staff and submit photocopies.

Criteria for visa issuance

September 1, 2019

A Japanese visa will be issued to an applicant, when he/she meets all of the following requirements and if the issuance is considered to be appropriate.

  1. The applicant possesses a valid passport and is entitled to re-entry to a country of his/her nationality or a country of his/her residence.
  2. All submitted documents are authentic, completed and satisfactory.
  3. The activities to be engaged in Japan/the civil status or the position of the applicant/the period of stay meet the requirements for the status of residence and the period of stay stipulated in the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act. (Cabinet Order No.319 of 1951. hereinafter referred to as the “Immigration Control Act”)
  4. The applicant do not fall under any of the items of Article 5, Paragraph 1 of the Immigration Control Act.
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