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Long Term Visa

A long-stay “D” visa allows its holder to enter and stay in MALTA for more than 3 months. It can be issued for various reasons such as employment, study, academic research, participation in cultural, scientific, religious events, family reunification.

Applicants from Bangladesh are requested to submit their Short term Visa Application (C Type) with the Embassy of Italy in Dhaka.

Please be informed that you are requested to submit a copy of PAN Card and Adhar Card along with your visa application.

Important Information:- Please refer the below mentioned points as instructed by Indian authorities, the High Commission of Malta:

  • Old passport is mandatory for all the nationalities
  • Visa Application Form for minors (under 18) needs to be signed by both the parents and ID proof of the parents
  • NOC letters from parents should be in original
  • Passports where alterations of the bio page or the validity of the passport is handwritten are not acceptable.