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Get all the required documents (checklist)

It is important for your passport or ID card application that you bring the correct documents with you. Please visit and follow the instructions given below:

  1. It is mandatory to create your personal checklist.
  2. For every document submitted, you must provide the original (to show at the counter) and a photocopy (to be attached to the passport file). You must also provide a copy of the holder page of your passport. Check if you need to have original legalised. The documents must have been drawn up in (or translated into) Dutch, English, French or Spanish.
  3. It is imperative that the photograph submitted at the time of application must fall within the specifications. Unacceptable photographs, that do not meet the specifications, will not be accepted for submission.
  4. Please book an online appointment.

    What happens to my old passport or ID card?

    If you did not hand your old passport or ID card in when you submitted your application, please bring it with you when you come to collect your new one. The embassy or VFS Global will cancel your old passport or ID card and then return it to you.

    If your old document contains visas or residence permits that are still valid and you want to keep those pages intact, you should make this known beforehand.