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First: schedule an appointment

For one application (online)

Before you visit the VFS Global Office in Edmonton, you will need to make an appointment using the online appointment system.

For group/family bookings or appointment assistance (by email)

You can only book individual appointments in the online appointment system.

For appointment assistance or group bookings for families, please email:

Please state the full name of each applicant, date of birth and type of document (passport or ID card) for each applicant.

Second: Visit the VFS Global Office

Please note the following:

  • Bring a printed version of your completed and signed application form, as well as a print of your personal checklist, your current Dutch passport or ID card, a photo and all other documents specified on the checklist.
  • Ensure you read the security regulations before your visit.
  • You can find address details on the contact page.
  • See the ‘fees' for payment options.
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