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Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment to the Netherlands Visa Application Centre, please note:

  • Once appointment is booked a confirmation email will be sent immediately.
  • A second confirmation email with appointment letter will also be sent to the applicant shortly.
  • You are requested to print this appointment letter when visiting The Netherlands Visa Application Center-VFS Global 15 minutes prior to your appointment time.
  • In case the second confirmation email with appointment letter is not received by you please contact VFS call centre on 00233 302746216.

For a successful appointment booking and online payment please take note of below:

  • Your internet browser should be the latest Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome or internet explorer 10 and above.
  • Your visa card or master card must be secure; this means you must activate Verify by Visa for visa card holders, Secure Code for master card holders. To do so please contact your Bank.

Rescheduling an appointment:

You are allowed to reschedule your appointment twice and up to 2 working days prior to your scheduled date.

Further change in date will be considered as a fresh appointment.

Please click here to Schedule your appointment.