An airport transit visa (type A) is for transiting through the international transit areas of airports in the Schengen Area, but not for entering the territory of a Schengen state.

With an airport transit visa, you can change flights in the Netherlands, but you cannot leave the airport.

Whether you require a Schengen airport transit visa depends on your nationality: click here.

Holders of a travel document for Palestinian stateless/refugees which has been issued by Egypt, Lebanon or Syria need an airport transit visa ((A 1951 Convention travel document/ A 1954 Convention travel document).

Holders of  a travel document issued by the Palestinian Authority (PA) do not require an airport transit visa.

Attention: Kindly note that should your transit route through Schengen consist of more than two stops you need a Schengen visa (type C visa), even if you do not leave the airport. Example: Flight from Dubai – Paris -Frankfurt – Chicago.

Travelers, even though they have a visa required nationality, are exempt from having an airport transit visa for transit if they:

  • Hold a valid visa or residence permit issued by a Schengen state.
  • Hold a visa valid for a member state of the European Union or the European Economic Area, Canada, Japan or the United States.
  • Hold a valid residence permit issued by a member state of the European Union or the European Economic Area.
  • Hold a residence permit issued by the Principality of Andorra, Canada, Japan, the Republic of San Marino, or the United States, that guarantees unrestricted right of return.
  • Are a family member of a citizen of the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland.
  • Hold a diplomatic passport.
  • Are  on-duty  aircrew and a national of a country that is a party to the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation.

Visa Fees

Applicants applying at the Netherland Visa Application Centre shall be levied a service charge of OMR 7.00 ( Euro 16.25 ) payable in cash and the Schengen Visa fee mentioned as below:

Visa Euro OMR
Schengen Visa, normal visa (above 11 years) 60  25.30
Schengen Visa, low tariff (minors 6 - 11 years) 35 14.70
Schengen Visa (below 6 years) Gratis Gratis
Schengenvisa, low tariff: Visumfacilitation

Nationals from Bosnia-Herzegovina*, Georgia, Kosovo, FYROM (Macedonia)*, Moldova, Montenegro*, Russia, Serbia* and Ukraine.

Nationals from Armenia* and Azerbaijan above 12 years old.
35 14.70
Caribbean Visa (max. 30 days) 35 14.70

    * The European Union has concluded visa facilitation agreements with these countries.

    Adult nationals of Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro are exempt from the visa requirement, provided that they hold a valid passport containing biometric data (fingerprints and facial image).

    The Visa fees can be paid by Cash only. It is subject to change without notice. The fee is non-refundable.

    The following categories do not have to pay the Schengen visa application fee:

  • children under six years of age
  • Nationals from Armenia* and Azerbaijan under 12 years old
  • pupils, students, graduates and accompanying teachers who are travelling for educational purposes
  • scientific researchers if invited by scientific institutions
  • The spouse, registered partner and children below 21 years of age as well as other dependent direct family members (children or parents from applicant or partner) of non-Dutch EU/EER Nationals travelling to or residing in another member state than that of which he/she is a national
  • Representatives of non-profit organizations aged 25 or less, participating in seminars, conferences, sports, or cultural or educational events
  • work-related visa for applicants employed by Dutch based International Organizations (OPCW/Intern. Tribunal, Unesco/ IHE/ ITC/ International Criminal Court (ICC)) and their family members who form permanently part of the household.
  • Please note that satisfactory proof must be submitted to establish that one of the above exemptions applies.

    The visa application fee is fixed in Euros but payable in local currency. The exchange rate between these currencies is decided by the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and is updated periodically.

Courier Delivery of the passport OMR – 6.000 per application
SMS Service OMR – 0.800 per application
Photocopy OMR – 0.200 (per page)
Premium Lounge OMR – 16.00 per application

Premium Lounge Service

The Premium service is available for those customers who wish to experience a dedicated service with personal touch and enhanced customer service; this service will guarantee you one-to-one attention with a dedicated member of staff. This service provides the following amenities for fee of OMR 16 per application

  • A separate premium service lounge
  • Stylish surroundings with refreshments
  • Complimentary photocopying of documents
  • Quicker submission of your application
  • Complimentary SMS alert on the progress of your application. Click here for the disclaimer
  • Complimentary courier return of your passport once the application is processed

To opt for this service, you can walk-in without appointment ,Please note that the Premium Lounge is open for walk-in applicants from 8:30 to 12:00 , and operates on a first come, first served basis. If you decide to use the Premium Lounge services, and your application is not taken in, you can leave your full details at the reception desk and we will contact you.

Please note that this service does not affect or guarantee a faster turnaround time for the processing time of the visa application by the Consulate.

All optional services are non-refundable.

VISA Fee Exemption:

The following pay no fee:

  • Children under six years of age.
  • School pupils, students, research students and accompanying teachers on study or training trips.
  • Third-country researchers travelling for the purpose of pursuing scientific research.
  • Representatives of non-governmental organizations who are aged 25 or under, who take part in seminars, conferences, sports events, cultural events or educational events organized by NGOs.

Documents Required

Instructions for applicants below 18 years

For minors (under the age of 18), application form must be signed by both parents/legal guardians. Copies of both parents’ passports are required with a Consent letter .The consent letter you can download under the tab download forms: Minors Consent Form.

Transit Checklist
Permission minor child consent form
  • Complete the online Schengen visa application form, print it out and take it to your appointment. It is strongly recommended to complete the form using the online portal instead of the paper format.
  • The portal will guide you through the application questions and will make sure you do not forget to enter any necessary values.

Online Visa Application Form

Photo Specifications

Photograph Quality

The photographs must be:

  • The photographs must be:
  • No more than 6-months old
  • 35-40mm in width
  • Close up of your head and top of your shoulders so that your face takes up 70 -80% of the photograph
  • In sharp focus and clear
  • Of high quality with no ink marks or creases
  • The photographs must:
  • Show you looking directly at the camera
  • Show your skin tones naturally
  • Have appropriate brightness and contrast
  • Be printed on high quality paper, and at high resolution Photographs taken with a digital camera must be high quality colour and printed on photo-quality paper.

Style and lighting

Description: photo2
  • The photographs must be:
  • Be colour neutral
  • Show your eyes open and clearly visible-no hair across your eyes
  • Show you facing square on to the camera, not looking over one shoulder (portrait style) or tilted, and showing both edges of your face clearly
  • Be taken with a plain light-coloured background
  • Be taken with uniform lighting and not show shadows or flash reflections on your face and no red eye

Glasses and head covers

  • If you wear glasses:
  • Be colour neutral
  • The photograph must show your eyes clearly with no flash reflection off the glasses, and no tinted lenses (if possible, avoid heavy frames - wear lighter framed glasses if you have them)
  • Make sure that the frames do not cover any part of your eyes.
  • Head coverings :
  • Are not permitted except for religious reasons, but your facial features from bottom of chin to top of forehead and both edges of your face must be clearly shown.

Expression and frame

  • Your photographs must:
  • Show you alone (no chair backs, toys or other people visible), looking at the camera with a neutral expression and your mouth closed.

Processing Time

The minimum processing time of a visa application is 15 working days. Applicants are advised to leave enough time between the appointment date and travel date to have their visa application processed. No guarantees can be given on the visa application’s return date as delays may occur.

The Embassy is not in a position to update on the visa application status. This can only be done through the tracking application number your received when you applied or through our helpdesk

Please note that your passport will be kept during the visa application process. Applicants documents will be sent to Consulaire Service Organization in the Hague, The Kingdome of Netherlands

Download Form

  • Complete the online Schengen visa application form, print it out and take it to your appointment. It is strongly recommended to complete the form using the online portal instead of the paper format.
  • The portal will guide you through the application questions and will make sure you do not forget to enter any necessary values.

Online Visa Application Form