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Important information

  • The Netherlands Visa Application Centers closed

    As a result of the corona crisis the Netherlands has closed its Visa Application Centers until further notice. All visa application appointments from 18 March 2020 onwards are cancelled.

  • It is not possible to extend a visa. Not even if, due to circumstances, the visa expired unused. You will have to apply for a new visa.
  • IMPORTANT - Changes in the rules for Schengen visa applications and increase of visa fees Read more
  • Please be informed, to serve you better the helpline number is changing to +968 24667725 from Sunday, 24 February 2019 onwards.

    (Information is only available in English: click here ).

    Are you planning to travel abroad with a child (up to 18 years old) by air, road, rail or sea? Then please take into account that there may be extra identity checks at the border.

    These border controls are carried out by Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (RNLM) officials, who will ask for a passport or other proof of identity. They will also check lone parents travelling alone with a child into or out of the Schengen area. It may be the case that permission to travel alone with your child is required. The RNLM follows this procedure to combat international child abduction.

    In the Consent letter for minors travelling abroad, the parent with parental authority who is not travelling gives you permission to travel abroad alone with your child.

    Permission to travel
    The most important question that the RNLM will ask is whether permission has been given for the child to travel by the parent(s) with child custody remaining at home.

    In order to demonstrate that permission to travel has been given, the RNLM advises you to download and fill out the Permission to Travel form:
    click here

    A parent with sole custody over a child will also be subject to an identity check. It is therefore desirable that such parents are in possession of documentation that demonstrates that one parent has custody of the child (see under ‘Other documents’).

    Other documents

    In order to enable smoother border crossings, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee advises parents to, as far as possible, be in possession of a number of complementary documents (in addition to the Permission to Travel form), such as:

    • the child’s return ticket;
    • a recent extract from the child custody register;
    • a recent authenticated copy from the Municipal Basic Administration (Dutch abbreviation: GBA) of the municipality where the child resides;
    • a copy of the personal details page of the passport of the consenting parent;
    • if possible, a statement regarding child custody and visiting rights;
    • if possible, the parenting plan;
    • if possible, the child’s birth certificate.
    The RNLM also advises parents to be present at the point of departure well before the time of departure, as identity checks may take some time.

    International Child Abduction Centre

    The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee works in conjunction with the International Child Abduction Centre (Dutch abbreviation: CIKO). The CIKO employs legal experts who are able to provide up-to-date information, advice and case-by-case assistance to parents, guardians and professionals. More information: click here

  • Beware of fraudulent job offers. For more details – click here