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Collection of documents at the Visa Centre.

Processed passports received from the Embassy of Netherlands will be kept at the Visa Centre for 30 calendar days. Post that period the passports will be returned to the Embassy of Netherlands. For passport collection you need to schedule an appointment via following link

For passport collection in Saint-Petersburg, please, click here

Please Click here to order a delivery after submission of your visa application.

Documents required for collection:

Applicant collecting him/herself:

  • Internal passport
  • Agreement and ICR-receipt

Collection of documents for close relatives (parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren, siblings):

  • Internal or foreign passport
  • Agreement and ICR-receipt
  • Documents proofing family ties (e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate)

–°ollection of documents by the third party:

  • Internal or foreign passport
  • Agreement and ICR-receipt
  • A notarized authority letter for documents collection signed by the applicant.

For accredited companies it’s mandatory to present an accreditation card.

If you have already submitted an application for a visa at the Visa Centre you can track your application by entering the Reference Number and your Surname. Please Click here.

Important Information

Please note that a visa is no guarantee for access into the Schengen States. When passing the border control you may be asked to present - the valid national passport with the issued visa and the information and/or documents proving the goal and duration of stay, you may be also asked to provide the proof of your financial means. As such it is recommended to carry the following documents/information to The Netherlands.

Documents / receipts proving your solvability:

  • currency, travel cheques, bank cards and /or in some cases the copy of legalized invitation letter together with the copies of the referent's income.

Documents/information, proving the goal of the trip:

  • the copy of (legalized) invitation for the private visit to the relatives/friends;
  • confirmation of the hotel reservation or proof prepayment;
  • documents confirming the business goal of your trip, when it's a business trip;
  • documents, confirming that the goal of the trip is to get medical treatment (a letter from the hospital, insurance, proof of payment for medical services or proof of your own solvability);
  • for the artists going to work in The Netherlands - the valid work permit.

Please remember that the visa limits your stay in the Schengen zone both by the duration of its validity, and by the number of days within this period.

In case you overstayed the number of days envisaged by your visa, it may cause difficulties when you apply to any Schengen Embassy next time. Also a fine can be imposed on you when leaving the Schengen zone.