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MVV / Long-Term Visa

Applicants for a Temporary Residence Permit (MVV) should apply directly at the Netherlands Embassy in Moscow on working days between 09:00 and 11:00, and make an appointment in advance at the Embassy’s website. If you wish to apply for MVV in St.Petersburg, please contact the Netherlands Consulate General at the following address: St.Petersburg, Embankment of the Moika river, bld. 11. Phone number of the visa section: +7 (812) 334-02-00.

An MVV visa is required if a person plans to stay in the Netherlands for more than 90 days, for instance with the purpose to work, to study, family reunion etc. This visa can be issued within 3 months after the date of approval from the IND and for multiple entries to the Netherlands. In order to apply for your residence permit (VTV) for the Netherlands, you must present yourself to the municipality where you are going to stay within 8 days after your arrival. Processing of the application of the VTV may take several months.

Every person applying for an MVV-visa should present in all occasions:

  • Valid travel document (international passport).
  • Visa application form correctly completed and signed. You can find your application form here.
  • Photographs: two recent colour passport photographs, not older than 6 months, bearing a true likeness to the applicant (3,5 by 4,5 cm.).
  • Documents related to the purpose of the stay.

As 15 March 2006, migrants wishing to settle in the Netherlands for, in particular, the purposes of marrying or forming a relationship will be required to take the civic integration examination abroad. An application for MVV can only be processed with a positive result of this civic integration exam. Click here to obtain more information.

For the specific documents related to the purpose of your temporary stay in the Netherlands, consult the website of the Dutch Immigration Service. The applicant should provide copies of all required original documents.

If you need more information on the necessary documents, please, contact the consular section of the Embassy in Moscow by phone +7 495 797 2979 only on working days between 14:00 and 16:00 hours) or send an e mail to

The MVV procedure could take three months at least. In certain cases, additional information can be requested from you or/and from your referent.

Please take notice of the next important details:

  • an MVV application cannot be processed until notification is received from IND that the corresponding fee has been paid (see IND-website ). After filing the application three weeks are accorded to do the payment.
  • the application will not be processed while it does not contain all required documents. After acceptation of an incomplete application a maximum of four weeks will be allowed to deliver the missing documents. After four weeks, even if the missing documents have not been delivered, the application will be sent to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND). Most probably this will result in a refusal of the application.
  • if necessary, the applicant can be asked to provide additional information and inquiries can be made
  • the applicant has to use his own facilities in providing documents, the Embassy is not responsible for invitations and faxes sent to it.

The visa is one of the conditions to get free access to the Schengen area. When crossing the border you may be asked to supply the controlling officer with original documents that provide proof of your financial means, of insurance against costs for medical treatment or repatriation, of the purpose of your travel, length of stay, etc. When you receive your passport with the visa you will also receive a handout with all important information on these matters. Please, read this document carefully.