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Schengen Visa


A Schengen visa has to be obtained from the Embassy of the country where the MAIN PURPOSE OF TRAVEL lies. Therefore, please check your travel plans before applying at the Norway Visa Application Centre in Nigeria.

If you plan to visit more than one Schengen country in the course of one trip, or if you plan several separate trips within a period of two months, you must submit your application to the embassy or consulate of the Member State that is your main destination based on the length of your stay, or the purpose of stay.

If no main destination can be determined, the Member State whose external border the applicant intends to cross first in order to enter the territory of the Member States.

Note that It is a short term period visa (type "C") with a Maximum length of stay of 90 days.

Please click below links to view the list of documents you need to submit at the Visa Application Centre.

Please click here if you are travelling with, or visiting, a family member who is an EU/EEA national, these documents are required when applying for a visa, also include the invitation from sponsors when the purpose is visit to family or friends

For more information Please click here


Please see the website of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration ( ) for information and procedures regarding a type D visa.


VFS Service Charge 12600
Mandatory courier fee 7050
Total 19650

There is a service charge of 12600 Nairas levied per application over and above the visa fees. (Service charge is inclusive of all taxes) The fee mentioned is per applicant.

There is no exemption for VFS Global Service charge and mandatory courier fee.

The service charge and mandatory courier fee are to be paid by POS at VFS Global Centre.

The above fees are non-refundable and non transferable.