Additional Services

The services indicated below are optional. To use them, you will need to pay an extra fee in addition to the Visa Application fee and the Russian Visa Application Centre Service Charge. All additional service charges below are inclusive of GST.

Prime Time Assist

If you are busy and unable to find time applying for your visa during regular office hours, you may submit your visa application from 13.00 hrs to 16.30 hrs from Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays/Closures) through VFS. You may email us at to book your primetime appointment.

The Prime Time assist is available at an extra charge of SGD 45.00

SMS Service

At VFS Global, we constantly strive to offer a range of hi-end services to enhance customer satisfaction. As part of our constant and ongoing endeavor to add value to applicants' experience, it is our privilege to offer the latest hi-tech SMS service, an express route to know the status of your visa application at your fingertips.

Easy to use SMS service with an automated confirmation feedback message sent to the applicant's mobile phone, at various stages of the visa application process. Additionally, this user-friendly service will be followed up with an automated email message to the applicants email id informing them of the status of their visa application.

Experience the benefits of this optional service, which can be purchased for SGD 3.00, during the time of submission of the visa application form. This form can be filled before visiting the application centre, by visiting our website and downloading the form in the comfort of one's home. Click here to download the SMS application form.

Note: This value added service is available only in Singapore (local SMS only). Please read the SMS service disclaimer carefully before applying for this service.

Return Courier Service

VFS are able to offer an optional courier delivery service at SGD 16.00 to return your passport and documents from the Visa Application Centre to your home or office. Certain conditions apply (Please ask for details at the Visa Application Centre). 

In our endeavour to keep our community safe from Coronarvirus (COVID-19) we are launching Limited period discount of 15% on our Courier service.

Now opt for a secure return of passports at SGD 14.00.


You are strongly advised to make all the photocopies you need before coming to the Visa Application Centre. Please read the list of required documents to know which documents must have copies. If you find on arrival that you have not prepared copies of certain documents you may ask our staff for assistance.

The charge for this service is SGD 1.00 for each page copied.

Application Correction and Reprinting Assist

Pre-screening of your visa application by our staff may reveal mistakes, such as wrong visa type, visa duration dates, names and passport number, which will lead to rejection of your application at the Embassy of Russia and losing the paid non-refundable Visa Application fee and non-refundable Service Charge fee.

If mistakes are found you may opt to ask our staff for on-spot assistance with correction and re-printing of your online application. You will need to give our staff the access password to your online application and sign the re-printed form at the counter. This service is not available if your application is submitted by your representative.

The Service Charge for Application Correction and Re-printing Assist, which includes accessing your application online, manual input of data to correct mistakes, re-printing the form and fixing your photo, is SGD 15.00.