Security Regulations


Security Regulations do not permit you the following:

  1. Usage of mobile phones, laptops, iPods, electronic books, photo and video cameras, as well as other self-contained electronic devices, electronic storage media. All of these devices when visiting the Visa Application Centre should be switched off.
  2. Prohibited items when visiting Visa Application Centre (despite the possible existence of licenses and permits):

    • Any type of firearms, air guns and traumatic guns;
    • Electroshocks, sprays and other means of self-defense;
    • Cold steel arms, piercing and cutting items, including household goods;
    • Explosives, explosive and flammable substances, fireworks;
    • Poisonous and toxic substances;
    • Sealed envelopes, and other packages, excluding the possibility of establishing a visual content;
    • Large suitcases, bags, checking of which may be complicated;*
    • Alcoholic beverages and food.
  3. This list provided is not finite. Other items may be prohibited based on security staff discretion.

  4. Folders containing your PASSSPORT(S) and Visa application related papers would be permitted inside our Visa Application Center(s) after proper security check. Any objectionable object as enumerated above will not be permitted inside the center and we take no responsibility for its custody. 
  5. Please note that we do not generally permit third parties such as friends, relatives, or business contacts to accompany visa applicants in to the center, unless special needs ( e.g. to accompany hearing impaired, physically challenged, elderly applicants, children or applicants requiring interpreters).
  6. CCTV system is installed in Visa Centre for your security.
  7. *The visa application centre in Moscow is equipped with free-of-charge lockers of your luggage. Please ask the security staff at the entrance for the keys.