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Additional services

SMS Alerts Service

Receive SMS updates informing you of the status of your visa application

SMS updates will be sent to you informing you of the status of your visa application. Once purchased, you will receive several automated feedback messages to your mobile phone, alerting you about the current stage of your application, within the process. The service supports the transfer of SMS text into the language of your choice (Arabic and English languages are available) and keeps you updated about the status of your visa application. At the end of the process, you will receive an automated email message (in English only) to the registered email address provided in your application form, informing you that the decision on your application has been made. However, the outcome of this decision will not be conveyed through these alerts.

Courier service

Have your passport couriered back to you, instead of collecting it from the Visa Application Centre

As part of the Courier service, the Visa Application Centre will courier your application, documents and passport back to you. You can purchase the service at the centre. Please enquire about this service when you submit your visa application.

Printing service

You can have your document/s printed at the centre as required. You can send document/s to the official email of VFS Global Turkey Visa Application Center to be printed.

Photo Capture service

You can have your photograph taken at the Visa Application Centre

Applicants using this service can have their photograph taken at the centre. This will ensure that the photograph meets the specifications.

Photocopying of documents

Photocopy your documents, as required

Premium Lounge Service

Apply for your visa within the comfort of our Premium Lounge.

The Premium Lounge service is available at a fee of QAR 300(all applicable taxes included) per application, for those customers who would like to experience a dedicated service with personalised attention.

This service provides the following amenities:

  • A dedicated premium service lounge
  • Well-appointed ambience
  • Refreshments
  • Photocopying service for your documents*
  • Quicker submission of your application at the Visa Application Centre
  • SMS alert on the status of your application*
  • Return delivery of your passport via courier* (if requested)

*You do not need to pay the additional fee if availing the Premium Lounge Service.

Important note: Your visa will be processed and adjudicated by the Embassy of Turkey. Availing the Premium Lounge service does not mean that your visa will be processed faster than the current turn-around period.

The service fee is non-refundable.

Important: This service does not imply or guarantee in any way that applicants using the prime time service will have a faster turnaround time or be successful in their visa application. All visa applicants must meet the requirements of the Embassy/Consulate rules.

Note: All payment will be collected in local currency as per the local exchange rate.

You may require photocopies of recommended supporting documentation.

Form Filling Service

Applicant can avail this service at the application counter. They need to just fill manual form with providing basis details of their own.

For your comfort while applying for a Visa we have additional services available. Call us on +974 44231185 for more information

Additional Service Amount in QAR
SMS Alerts Service QR 8 per application
Courier Service QR 60 within Doha
QR 80 outside Doha
Printing Service QR 5 (per page)
Photo Capture Service QR 35 (02 photograph)
Photocopying Service QR 2 (per page)
Premium Lounge Service QR 300 per application
Form Filling Service QR 50 per application