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You can track your application online. Once a decision has been made, you may collect the decision in person or a representative can collect the decision from the Visa Facilitation Centre with the necessary required information

Please collect processed applications from our Visa Facilitation Centre where the application was submitted. The original passport will be required as proof of the applicant’s identity and handing over of the visa label or refusal letter to applicants.

Processed applications will not be returned to applicants / representatives in case they fail to submit the below:

  • original passport of the applicant at the time of submission of application,
  • original Invoice Cum Receipt /
  • SAPS issued affidavit (where applicable)
  • Valid signed power of attorney (where applicable)

Collection timings: 10:00 – 15:00 (Monday – Friday except public holidays)

Representative must provide an original Photo ID, a power of attorney Letter as well as the applicant’s original passport if collecting the decision on behalf of the applicant/s. The power of attorney Letter should clearly state the following: -

  1. Name of the Representative collecting the decision.
  2. Photo ID number of the Representative.
  3. Applicant signature as signed on the Invoice Cum Receipt and passport.

The Invoice Cum Receipt provided on the day of submission (photocopy not allowed) will be required in original where the applicant has authorized a representative to collect on their behalf.

Where the applicant has lost / misplaced the original receipt, an affidavit issued by The South African Police Services will be required.

  • Please click here to download a copy of the power of attorney to be used by representatives when collecting on behalf of an applicant

    Processed applications WILL NOT be returned to applicants / representatives where he/she fails to submit any of the above requirements at the time of collection.