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Zimbabwean Exemption Permit


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Please note that the Zimbabwe Exemption permit application process is now closed. You are however allowed to collect you ZEP decision which is ready for collection.

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Zimbabwe Exemption Permit transfer and rectification process

Please note that the ZEP transfer and rectification process is online and applicants can now submit their applications. This is applicable for those applicants who are in possession of a valid ZEP permit. Applications can be completed on

If you have already registered previously and have your login details please click here.

Note- When selecting the pre-payment option, after payment has been done you are required to visit your online application form after 3 working days to proceed to schedule your appointment.

The Zimbabwean Exemption permit (ZEP) is only applicable to applicants who are currently on the Zimbabwean Special Dispensation permit (ZSP) whose permits are expiring at end of December 2017.

ZSP permit holders that would like to remain in South Africa can apply for the newly introduced Zimbabwe Exemption Permit (ZEP). The ZEP will only be issued to those Zimbabweans who currently have a valid ZSP permit.

The ZEP will be valid for four years.

  • Applicants who are on ZSP permits who do wish to change to main stream permits may kindly do so by 31 December 2017 while still residing in SA. These applicants may not apply for a ZEP permit AND a main stream visa simultaneously. They need to choose which permit or visa they qualify for and apply for this via a VFS office. Should they apply for both the second application will be cancelled. It must be noted that no ZSP or ZEP applicant qualifies to apply for permanent residence as per the condition on the sticker in their passport.

  • Accompany Parent Visas: Applicants who are currently on an Accompany parent on a ZSP permit are advised to apply for the extension of their visas after their parents have applied for their ZEP permits. These applicants must submit a copy of the parents ZEP receipt and ZSP visa when submitting their extension applications at the VFS office. Their extension application will only be finalised after their parents ZEP application is finalised.

  • Organisations: All Companies, Employers, Learning Institutes and Banks to kindly note that applicants who are in possession of ZSP permits expiring on 31 December 2017 must be allowed to continue with their services, provided they submit proof of application for a main stream visa or a ZEP permit. Proof of application can be a VFS receipt or proof of payment.

  • Travel ConditionsAll applicants with a ZSP permit or an Accompany parent on the ZSP permit visa must be allowed to travel freely in and out of SA provided they submit proof of a ZEP or renewal of an Accompany parents on a ZSP permit  visa receipt. This moratorium will be lifted at the end of ZEP project.


Documents Required

Application Category 
Work Letter of employment from employer on the company letterhead (if applicable) and certified true by a Commissioner of Oaths (Police Station, Bank, Post Office)
Own Business Business Registration Document or Municipal Registration Document
Study Institution of Learning Admission Letter, on the Institution letterhead with a stamp.

Supporting Documents required

1 Duly completed and signed ZEP online form.
2 Original Passport valid for 90 calendar days.
3 Photocopies of the valid passport
4 Photo Copy of the Valid ZSP permit
5 Proof of Passport Application if applied for a new passport
6 Original Bank payment receipt for each applicant (if a cash deposit prepayment is done in our Standard Bank account)

Processing Time

All applications accepted at the Application Centre will have an average processing time of 8 weeks for the decision to be returned from Department of Home Affairs but this completely depends on department of Home Affairs. You can track your application online on VFS Global website to determine status of your application