• As per the EU Visa Code exemptions from the obligation of fingerprinting are provided for:

    • children under the age of 12;
    • persons for whom the collection of fingerprints is physically impossible. If it is possible to scan less than 10 fingers, then it is necessary to scan the maximum possible number of fingers. If the impossibility of scanning the fingerprints is temporary, then the applicant should undergo the procedure of scanning during the next request for the visa;
    • The heads of states or the governments and members of national government with the spouses accompanying them, and also members of official delegations when making a trip with the official purpose on the invitation of the country of the Schengen agreement or the international organization;
    • Monarchs and members of royal family when making an official trip on the invitation of the country of the Schengen agreement or the international organization.
  • How long will my data be stored in the system?

    Data is stored in system within 5 years and then deleted.

  • How often is it necessary to provide the data for the Visa information system?

    It is necessary to update biometric data (the digital photo and fingerprints) every 5 years. Text information (visa application form) and other documents (according to requirements of the country which you address for the visa) need to be provided at each request for the visa.

  • I have a valid visa to one of Schengen countries which expires after the 14th of September 2015. Is this visa valid after the 14 of September 2015?

    All visas issued before the 14 of September 2015 will be valid till the date of expiry. It is necessary to apply for a new visa after period of validity of the current visa ends.

  • If I have already passed through biometric enrolment in the Consulate of one of the Schengen countries, whether I need to do it for the 2nd time at the next request for the Schengen visa in consulate of other country?

    VIS is united for all Schengen states. After the fingerprints are collected during the submission of visa application in any Schengen Consulate and saved in VIS, all Schengen missions will have access to them, and they will be copied for subsequent applications within 59 months. Only in case of reasonable doubts concerning the identity of the applicant, or in case of technical difficulties of collecting fingerprints, Embassy / Consulate can request the applicant for fingerprint collection once again. The applicant can also be requested for biometrics enrolment, if it isn’t possible to confirm without delay that the fingerprints were collected within the period of last five years