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Visa Fees At Glance



(children from 6 to 12 years old)
Short Stay Euro 35 Euro  80 Euro 40 Euro 70 Euro 35

VFS Service Charge

Applicants applying at the Portuguese Visa Application Centre shall be levied a service charge of Euro 26,5

Above charges are inclusive of VAT.

Logistic fee: Applicants applying in regions (except Moscow) should pay 450 RUB per passport to be delivered to the Embassy.

Please Note:

The above mentioned fee is to be paid in cash in Russian Rubles or by credit card.

The applicable visa and service fees in Rubles are as per the current exchange rate provided by the Consulate. The same is subject to change without notice.

The visa fees and service charges once paid are not refundable.

Exemption of Visa Fee charges:

  1. Close relatives: spouses, children (including adopted), parents (including custodians), grandparents and grandchildren – of citizens of the EU and Russian Federation legally residing in the territory of Portugal.
  2. Members of official delegations who, following an official invitation, participate in meetings, consultations, negotiations or exchange programs as well as in events held in one of the Member States by intergovernmental organizations.
  3. Members of national and regional Governments and Parliaments, Constitutional Courts and Supreme Courts.
  4. Pupils, students, post-graduate students and accompanying teachers who undertake trips for the purpose of study or educational training.
  5. Disabled persons and the person accompanying them, if necessary.
  6. Persons who have presented documents proving the necessity of their travel on humanitarian grounds, including to receive urgent medical treatment, and the person accompanying such person, or to attend a funeral of a close relative, or to visit a seriously ill close relative.
  7. Participants in youth international sports events and persons accompanying them.
  8. Persons participating in scientific, cultural and artistic activities including university and other exchange programs;
  9. Participants in official exchange programs organized by twin cities.
  10. Children under six or twelve years old depending on nationality.
  11. Researchers from third countries travelling for the purpose of carrying out scientific research *.
  12. Representatives of non-profit organizations aged 25 years or less participating in seminars, conferences, sports, cultural or educational events organized by non-profit organizations.

In case of an application within three days before the intended travel, the fee waiver shall only apply to categories b), e) and f).

Please note that additional visa waivers may apply to certain categories of applicants, as per Portuguese national legislation.

* As defined in Recommendation No 2005/761/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 28 September 2005 to facilitate the issue by the Member States of uniform short-stay visas for researchers from third countries travelling within the Community for the purpose of carrying out scientific research.