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Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs are general in nature. The information given does not take personal or specific circumstances into account and should therefore not be considered as constituting personal, professional or legal advice to the user. Users requiring personal or specific advice should consult the relevant departments in the Member States.


  • Can I travel throughout Schengen territory with a residence or temporary stay visa for CPLP nationals?

    No, residence or temporary stay visas for CPLP nationals have territorial validity limited to the national territory (Portugal) and are issued according to standards set by the competent authorities.

  • What are the requirements for applying for a residence or temporary stay visa for CPLP nationals?

    The residence or temporary stay visa for CPLP nationals can be applied for by any applicant who is part of the Mobility Agreement between the Member States of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), signed in July 2021. To obtain a CPLP visa, follow a specific checklist for the applicable visa category.

  • Do I need to provide means of subsistence for a residence or temporary stay visa for CPLP nationals?

    The exemption from presenting means of subsistence applies to countries covered by the CPLP Agreement under special internationally agreed conditions. In order to be exempt from presenting these documents, it is mandatory to present a term of responsibility issued by a Portuguese citizen or resident, with a notarized signature in Portugal, in accordance with the legislation in force. Decrees detailing these requirements can be found on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Which documents should I present when boarding my flight?

    VFS does not participate in border procedures, limiting its work to the visa process. Please check this information directly with the Foreigners and Borders Service of Portugal.

  • How do I schedule an appointment with AIMA (Agency for Integration, Migration, and Asylum)?

    VFS does not participate in border procedures, limiting its work to the visa process. Please check this information directly with the AIMA (Agency for Integration, Migration, and Asylum).

  • How do I request family reunification?

    Family reunification can be requested in two ways:

    In Brazil: the principal applicant, having already the approved and issued visa, must go to AIMA (Agency for Integration, Migration, and Asylum) in Portugal to request the family reunification to its relatives and after approval, forward a copy of it to the relatives in Brazil. They must gather all remaining documents listed in the concerning checklist and proceed with an standard visa application procedure. Note that in this option the principal applicant must go alone to Portugal, without any relatives.

    Directly in Portugal: the principal applicant, having already the approved and issued visa, can travel with their relatives as tourists (if they are Brazilians or a nationality exempt from Schengen visa) and request the family reunification directly in the AIMA (Agency for Integration, Migration, and Asylum) in Portugal.

  • How do I know in which Visa application center must submit my application?

    The visa applications centers have a jurisdiction. Click here to check where to apply.

  • Which are the visa types?

    Schengen visa: tourism visa to foreigners who live in Brazil and want to travel for tourist. Valid up to 90 days.

    Temporary stay visa: any visa type valid up to 13 months.

    Residence visa: any visa type valid for more than 13 months.

  • Which nationalities require a Schengen visa?

    Click here to access the list of nationalities for which the Schengen visa is mandatory.

  • Which countries are part of the Schengen territory?

    The Schengen area covers 26 countries ("Schengen States") without border controls between them. These countries are: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. These countries apply the common policy for short-stay visas.

  • Do I need a visa to enter a Schengen state?

    Brazilians do not need a visa to travel in the Schengen area for a period of up to 90 days, except to take a course with a certificate of completion or perform work with remuneration. In this case, you will need to apply for a visa.

  • Is it possible to enter the process from a distance?

    Yes, but all applicants must appear at least once at the Visa Application Center for Portugal, therefore, we advise you to make an appointment for a mandatory face-to-face interview and delivery of documents to ensure the correct presentation of your documents.

  • Can someone else apply for the visa on behalf of me?

    No. Only the applicant himself can start his visa process. Third parties cannot apply for a visa, even with a legal document.

    In the case of minors, applicants must make an appointment with a guardian.

  • Can I enter the Schengen area in country X, while the visa was issued by country Schengen Y?

    As a general rule, you can cross any Schengen border with a visa issued by any Schengen country.

  • Can I work while I am studying in Portugal?

    Foreigners in Portugal may perform paid work only with the appropriate work visa.

  • When should I buy the ticket?

    We do not recommend purchasing airline tickets before your process is complete. Note that there is no guarantee of approval or deadline for your order. VFS Global and the Consulate of Portugal are not responsible for tickets not used.

  • My visa was refused. What can I do? Will the visa fee be refunded?

    You can appeal this decision. The decision to refuse a visa and the reasons for the refusal are notified using a form that is transmitted by the Consulate of the Member State that refused the visa. The refusal notification must include the reasons on which the refusal was based, the procedures and the deadlines for submitting an appeal.

    You are free to reapply again if your application was previously declined. However, it is recommended that you make a note of the reasons for the previous refusal before submitting a new request and making changes when necessary.

    No fees paid will be refunded as they refer to the analysis of your visa application and not the purchase of it.


  • How long does the visa procedure take?

    The Government of Portugal does not disclose the deadline for completing a visa application.

  • How long before the intended visit should I apply for a visa?

    Study visa applications can be submitted up to 6 months before the intended travel date. In other cases, at most three months before the intended trip.

    Schengen application must apply at least 15 days prior to the travel date.

    It is advisable to consider that there is no stipulated deadline for completing the processing of the visa requested by the Government of Portugal.


  • Is there an urgency fee?

    No. There is no possibility of applying for or an urgent fee on visas for Portugal.

  • How do I pay?

    Payment of fees must be made on the day of your interview with our analysts. Note that the Consulate Fee is accepted only in debit; VFS Global fees are accepted in debit or credit.

    It is also possible to make a deposit at the bank of the Santander bank to our account. The original receipt must be presented

  • Can I make a bank transfer?

    No. TEDs, DOCs and other transfers are not accepted.

  • Can I pay in cash?

    We do not accept cash payment.

  • Should I pay the Consulate's bank slip?

    No. No payment is made in bank slip.


  • What is the expiration date that my passport needs to have to start the process?

    For Schengen visas: 3 months of validity after returning from the trip;

    For residence visas: 3 months visa expires (4 + 3)

    For temporary stay visas: 3 months visa expires (12 + 3)

  • What documents do I need to provide when submitting my visa application?

    Information about the documents to be presented can be found on the next page of our website: mandatory documents.

  • Does the form need to be filled out online?

    No. The form can be filled out manually using a black pen, with legible letters. In case of doubt, our attendants can provide assistance on the day of your appointment.

  • Will my passport be retained during the analysis of my visa application?

    Yes. Your passport will be retained for the entire period of the analysis, and it is not possible to return it for travel to Portugal. If you need your passport to travel to other countries, you must write a loan application letter and send it to VFS.

  • What are the requirements for international medical insurance?

    For temporary stay visas, the insurance must be valid for the period of your stay in Portugal. For residence visas, insurance must be valid for at least one year.

    The insurance must cover EUR 30.000,00 for medical and hospital expenses, repatriation and accidental death.

The other types of visa are exempt from Portuguese open account.


  • Who is VFS GLOBAL?

    VFS is the official representative of the Consulate General of Portugal. The Portugal Visa Application Center of VFS GLOBAL Ltd functions as an administrative and collection center to allow for a better service due to the growing demand from applicants residing in Brazil.

  • How can I contact the Portugal Visa Application Center?

    You can contact the Visa Application Center of Portugal through our helpline, by email or in person. See our contact information section for details.

  • Can the visa application center in Portugal prepare my application?

    The Portugal Visa Application Center does not prepare visa applications, but accepts and manages these applications strictly according to with the instructions of the General Consulate.

  • How can I submit my application to the application center?

    A visa application can be submitted at the Visa Application Center of Portugal, in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Rio de Janeiro or Salvador. For applications submitted at the visa application center, it is mandatory to make an appointment to submit your visa application. It is also important to note that all applications must be submitted in person by the applicant (s).

  • What if I don't have all the documents?

    Your file must be presented in the order listed in the checklist, printed on A4 white paper just in front, without staples, clips, post-its or cover sheets and outside any type of folder. The absence of any of the documents indicated in the lists will result in the non-receipt of your file and, consequently, the loss of your interview schedule. The presentation of the documents does not guarantee the granting of a visa. Consular posts reserve the right to request documents other than those listed above through VFS Global whenever they consider it necessary.

  • What proof will I have that the Visa Application Center of Portugal has my visa application?

    When your application is registered in our system, a receipt will be issued for the fees you paid. You will receive a protocol along with an acknowledgment of acceptance of your passport.

  • Will the Visa Application Center provide recognition for the documents I have submitted?

    The Portugal Visa Application Center will not issue any documents other than receipts for the fees charged.

  • What if I can't come back to collect my passport in person?

    We can post the application for you by Special Delivery at an additional cost. However, this request must be made at the time of submitting your application and cannot be requested at a later date.

  • What is the deadline to pick up my passport in person?

    Your passport must be picked up within 30 calendar days. After this period, it will be returned to the Consulate of Portugal.

  • Will I receive my visa at the end of the process?

    As an application center, the Portugal Visa Application Center cannot guarantee you a visa. The issue or refusal of a visa is the exclusive decision of the AIMA (Agency for Integration, Migration, and Asylum). The Visa Application Center of Portugal has no interference in the decision-making process.

  • If I have to travel elsewhere and my passport is still with the Consulate General of Portugal, is it possible to have just my passport back to travel? What if I decide to withdraw my application?

    If your passport is with the Consulate General and you have provisional travel plans, you can withdraw your application and passport, preparing an explanatory letter that has your contact and passport information. Mention the reason why you would like your passport in this explanatory letter and bring it to the Visa Application Center in Portugal. Along with this letter, a form must be completed and submitted to the application center. We would like to reiterate that your fees and service fees will not be refunded.

    Please note that it is illegal to travel to Portugal without a suitable visa.

  • When can I reapply? Is there a time limit after the refusal that I must wait before reapplying?

    You are free to reapply at any time, if your order was previously declined.