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After submitting your request, you can follow the status of your review by clicking here or sending an e-mail to:

The monitoring system will be fed based on updates provided by portuguese consular bodies, with no interference from VFS in deadlines and decisions.

By choosing the SMS service you will receive the status of your process automatically on your cell phone.

Once a decision has been made by the visa section of the Consulate or Embassy, you will receive a notification according to the analysis result. If the process was approved, the passport will return with the visa. You can receive it by regular or express courier service in an insured manner.Click here to check details. If the visa was denied, you will receive a communication from the VAC by e-mail, with all the instructions to be followed.

Processing times

After submitting your visa application to one of the VFS application centers, it will be registered and forwarded to the respective consular office for analysis. Check below for average processing times (indicative only):

Schengen Visa: 45 working days on average

Residence Visa: 60 working days on average

Short-stay visa: 60 working days on average

Important notice:

  • The consulate and other Portuguese entities may request additional documents through VFS at any time of the analysis, if they consider it necessary, even if this documentation is not on the checklists, and may thus impact the analysis deadlines.
  • VFS and the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs advise against the purchase of tickets before the visa is granted. Avoid inconvenience related to fines and refunds with airlines.
  • VFS works according to guidelines issued by the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, having no influence on deadlines and decisions.
  • The periods of entry into Portuguese Universities also lead to an increase in the demand for student visas, thus being able to extend the average period of informed analysis.

Still having doubts? Verify our section of Frequently asked questions.

If the doubt persists, contact:

(11) 4314-1170 or (11) 4118-6409

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