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Important Information

  • Please attention to the new mandatory fee for visa application appeal:

    Please be advised that if your visa application is denied, a fee of 75 euros must be paid for the process of appeal of the same. This fee must be paid by bank deposit or pix following the instructions that will be sent by email, and the original of payment receipt must be sent to the Visa Application Center together with the documents for appeal.

    Please note: the appeal fee is non-refundable and does not guarantee that your visa application will be granted.

    Appeal fee: BRL 423.52 (consular fee R$ 400.23 + processing fee R$ 23.29)

    Bank details for payment:

    Bank: Santander
    Agency: 0729
    Current Account: 13000778-0
    PIX: CNPJ 13.531.190/0003-87

  • We inform that while your visa application remains under review by the Portuguese authorities there is no estimated deadline for completion, as your application is analyzed not only by the consular post in your jurisdiction, but also by other Portuguese authorities. Please note that the Consulate/Embassy does not provide the status of your application, therefore all dealings regarding the status of your visa application must be made through the VFS Global.

    Important note: Do not contact the SEF and the Ministry of Portugal, as these departments only communicate with diplomatic authorities.”

  • We also inform that the separation of centers by jurisdiction continues, therefore, consult your locality to check if the corresponding office is available
    to receive your application.

    For more information access:

    Ministério dos negócios Estrangeiros

    Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras

    VFS Global

    7 de abril de 2021

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